Video for the song “In the Off Season” from Atkinson’s new album The Last Fret. Filmed by David Lester in Trinidad, Cuba.

Wendy Atkinson, experimental solo bassist, performs “Clips” from her “Age of Anxiety” performance at the BC Buds Spring Arts Fair, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada, 2012. (“Clips” also appears on The Last Fret) Atkinson’s thirty-minute performance integrated electric bass into field recordings of the Toronto subway, crowds at English Bay during the fireworks, and young girls at a mosque in Hebron. The performance also included short spoken-word pieces by Wendy.

The Unspeakable: Clyde Petersen from Do it for the girls on Vimeo.

The UnSpeakable is 15 short films by director Clyde Petersen. A collection of fact and fiction from Northwest artists, taken from a series of interviews and pieced together with random acts of film in 2009-2010. Wendy is number 13.


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