Author: Wendy Atkinson

Bass Player

Live version of songs from 100 Block Rock

David and I performed at the launch of Susan C Boyd’s book “Busted: An Illustrated History of Drug Prohibition in Canada” (published by Fernwood) held at Simon Fraser University’s downtown campus.

We were asked to perform two pieces from the CD 100 Block Rock, an album we recorded with poet and Downtown Eastside activist, Bud Osborn.

I have uploaded the recording of our performance to Soundcloud

Commission for MAC tribute to Pauline Oliveros

I was selected to be part of a commissioning project by the Media Arts Committee. The commission was to create a piece to pay tribute to Pauline Oliveros and I focused on her concept of “Deep Listening

My piece is called “Thrum and Clatter” and debuted on Jan 10, 2018 at an event hosted by Vancouver’s Co-op Radio . The live event was followed by an interview and the broadcast has been archived by Co-op Radio.

“Summer BBQ” presented as part of a set of “miniatures”

Jef Chippewa, from the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), presented an inspired curated collection of electroacoustic miniatures, which included my piece “Summer BBQ,” at The Fishbowl in Vancouver on March 24. Post deep listening experience, Jef explained the extensive process of how he curated the show. Exciting to hear Jef introduce “Summer BBQ” as a perfect combination of text and sound.


Bass demo at Girls Rock Camp

I was thrilled to meet two female bass players this week!

Anna and Nola are both 8 years old and they are learning bass guitar at the Girls Rock Camp Vancouver After-School Program. I was invited to the Jan 26 class to show them some experimental bass techniques!

At Girls Rock Camp young girls learn instruments, form bands, write songs and perform them. Thanks Kyla, Jonelle, Dusty, Katy and Emily (and many other women) for creating this great opportunity!

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver Online